What are the Benefits of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are structures fabricated with steel material for both the interior, exterior, frames and any other support of the structures. As opposed to steel framed structures that use other kinds of material for roofing, flouring and external envelope, steel buildings are built of nothing else other than pure steel. They are used for a variety of purposes such as residential, storage, business and work space. Read more about  Steel Buildings. There are various classifications of steel buildings which are based on their use.

Steel structures were first introduced to existence in the early 20th century.  They were majorly used by the army people during the 2nd World War. They became more popular later on with higher availability of steel metal. These structures continue to be widely accepted as they are cheaper and with their cost effectiveness. They are also increasingly being used as more designs and materials are being discovered.

There are a number of advantages associated with steel built structures and they include the following;
They are durable and safe. This is because they are resistant to fire, pests and corrosion. This being the case, they need not to be treated with pesticides, oil or glue. Discover  more about  Steel Buildings. This makes them safe for those living and working in them.

They are fire resistant. Steel structures have been tested and it has been established that they can withstand temperatures of up to 10000c. This shows that even if they were built in a bush and there was fire, they would withstand the bush fire.

They are environmental friendly. This is because they require minimal raw material and hence no wastage thereof. They are so long lasting and after their long life they can be recycled into something else. They are strong and flexible in design. The strength of these structures allows the architects to span them into flexible designs as they desire. Steel structures can withstand earthquakes. This has been tested and proved and hence they are very effective in earthquake prone areas.

They are quick to construct and cost effective. The construction is quick and simple. This means high quality structures are constructed with very low cost, little labor and low level of skills.

Some common types of steel buildings are "straight walled "and "arch" structures. This is in regards to the outside shape of the building. The smaller structures are majorly prefabricated while the larger ones require experts with experience to assemble them. Learn more from    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steel_building.